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In March of 2002, the Superstition Area Land Trust (SALT) purchased a 5-acre riparian property in the area of the Dons’ Camp near the Peralta Trailhead using private donations designated for land acquisition. For several years, the property was leased to a commercial outfitter to be used as a campsite for overnight trails rides. It then reverted back to SALT stewardship. The property is in good ecological health, with a broad diversity of plants and encompassing a seasonal waterway and 2 smaller channels. Taking advantage of the property’s ease of access and riparian ecosystem, SALT constructed a ramada on an existing concrete pad to create a natural venue to serve as the center of SALT’s educational activities, workshops and guided hikes. The Outpost is also available for community events such as astronomy gatherings, school field trips, and BBQs. Contact for more information about the Outpost.

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